Corpus Hermeticum: The Power & Wisdom of God


  • Author: Marsilio Ficino
  • Translated by: Maxwell Lewis Latham
  • Format: Paperback – Hardback -eBook
  • Language: English
  • Published: February 28th, 2020
  • Publisher: Falcon Books Publishing Ltd
  • Pages: 179
  • File Size: 3051kb
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This book is a translation of the sacred writings of Hermes Trismegistus. Translated from Ficino’s Latin manuscript it contains:

  • The Pimander, the Asclepius dialogue
  • An extensive commentary by Ludovico Lazzarelli
  • Ficino’s introduction translated into English. It also has extensive scholarly footnotes which illuminate and elucidate many philosophical and mythological details relating to the text.

This new translation of the Corpus Hermeticum brings to light ancient hermetic wisdom in a spirit perhaps not last seen since the Renaissance.

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