Martin Faulks has over 20 years experience in the field of meditation. He reached international acclaim through the publication in the British newspaper Daily Mail (2012).
Inner Heat Demonstration (2012)

Here Martin demonstrates (Tummo) inner heat meditation, performed by Tibetian monks as an advanced form of training. This meditation was performed in – 4  degrees Celsius.

Please view  another demonstration of Tummo (2011)  of Martin raising his body temperature.

Fire Resistence (2012)

Demonstrations of Fire Resistance or Fire Immunity have been a constant theme of our cultural spiritual tapestry. Many tribal people had, or have, rituals and ceremonies that involve the handling of fire or walking on fire. The oldest recorded demonstration of this type is over 4000 years old and talks of two Brahmin priests were competing as to who to hold a flaming touch to their chest the longest.

In Africa there is a long history of fire-walking and fire resistance. The African-born Hindus walk on fire regularly as part of their religious festivals, Bushmen of the Kalahari desert have fire-walked since their tribal beginnings. Dancers will go in the fire, walk in it, put their heads in it, pick up the coals and rub them over their hands and body.

In Bali, the mystical South Sea island, it is not the men who dance on the fire, but young girls. In India, Tibet, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Argentina, to mention a few, people dance and walk, joyously, solemnly, exuberantly, or devotionally across fire. In the Hindu fire ceremony Agni Hotra, fire is used to purify the physical and spiritual atmosphere, and in Peru the flame is used to spiritually uplift participants in the fire-ceremony.

Other North American Indians who were known to have shamanic traditions which included fire handling were the Fox, Menomini, Kere, Blackfeet and particularly the Zuni. TheKahunas, or native priests of the Hawaiian Islands even had powerful practices of lava waking!

~ Martin Faulks

Another impressive demonstration where Martin holds hot coals in his hand and does not get burnt. An example of the use of the water element in the Hermetic tradition.

Meditation in the Sahara Desert

I believe that there is a natural mechanism that turns off the sweat response and lowers the metabolic rate allowing us to survive in very hot conditions. What you see demonstrated here using Meditative skills are in fact a natural extension of this. It is my firm belief that we are all far more powerful than we allow ourselves to be.

The Sahara Desert is an ideal place to practice this skill being an extremely harsh climate that very inhospitable to life. Temperatures are searing hot in summer, sometimes up to 50°C in July/August.

Sandstorms are one of the many perils of the desert when strong winds whip up thick tall clouds of sand. These sands can travel as high as 6km into the air and frequently deposit sand in Europe. One of the responsible winds is the hot, dry Khamaseen that blows from the south in Egypt during the spring.

~ Martin Faulks

Waterfall Training

Many different traditions practice some form of waterfall training. Some with a focus on generating the inner fire or Tummo others like the Japanese Yamabushi who call the practice misogi ( an act of purification) see the practice as a form of purification or healing rite. A hermetic practitioner who has practiced the first step of Franz Bardon’s course in Hermetics will fully understand the potential of this practice.

This video was filmed first thing in the morning in the Welsh mountains. The waterfall I am sitting under is called Sgwd Yr Eira (Brecon Beacons) which translates as “waterfall of snow”. It is called this due to the very cold temperature of the water that comes from snow melting higher in the mountains.

 ~Martin Faulks

To read about  Martin’s training in the mountains please click on the book: The Path of the Ninja, by Martin Faulks. If you are interested in the Yamabushi tradition you may find this book interesting,
SHUGENDŌ The Way of the Mountain Monks, by Shoko Koshikidake with Martin Faulks.
Underwater Meditation

From working with the element of water we move to the air element. Here Martin demonstrates holding his breath for 3.30 minutes.
One way to connect with the Air element is to be without its most physical manifestation and to focus on breathing the element directly. Martin Faulks.

Control of the Heartbeat Using the Mind

In this video I demonstrate the ability to speed up and slow the heartbeat using meditative methods. I have managed to get as slow as 54 beats per minute but I found the pressure of being filmed caused a small level or tension that was hard to master.

About the heart rate monitor: This clip on finger monitor shows both the heartbeats (Number of beats per minute)and the oxygen level in the blood. As you can see the former dropped while the later remained constant.

~Martin Faulks

Scientific Demonstrations of Meditation

Changing Brain Waves During an Out of Body Experience

Brian Wave Activity During Hermetic Meditation

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