About Falcon Books Publishing

Falcon Books Publishing is a small publishing house that is happy to provide a diverse group of authors that are experts in their fields. Tanya Robinson and Martin Faulks co-founded it in 2016 with the goal of bringing true spiritual knowledge and wisdom to the western heritage. 

We are a dynamic publishing firm whose principal purpose is to bring old hermetic and other esoteric information to the forefront of society in a way that is appropriate for modern living, therefore providing access to unique works by live adepts.


We have a vibrant social media presence, including a variety of Hermetic Facebook groups dedicated to Hermetic practice. 

Falcon Books also has its own YouTube channel, where we interview writers about important topics in Hermetics.

Charity Work

Through our book, Elemental Equipoise written by the Franz Bardon community, we also support an animal charity, with earnings going to ‘Best Friends Animal Society.’

Falcon Books Publishing Global

We are currently translating books into a variety of languages, including German, Portuguese, and Mandarin, as we expand globally (both Traditional and Simplified).  We are also working on a Chinese language-based site that will provide literature on similar topics in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In addition, the National Library in Taipei, Taiwan, has a number of English-language literature.

The Team

Martin Faulks
Tanya Robinson
Managing Director
Simon Robinson
Kendall Moore

Adepthood by Martin Faulks

This title is a rare nugget of gold of Wisdom. Martin shows the perspective of what life is like at the end of this path and answers many questions some of us may not realize we have. Also, the author gives us many axioms to contemplate which offer us guidance towards enlightened living.

Joey Rodriguez

Elemental Equilibrium by Virgil

This book has been a great help for my soul mirror work. It is very in-depth, to the point of giving step by step examples of creating 4 different types of soul mirrors (to see oneself from different angles) and what phrasing to use when filling them out. Including what to watch out for (common traps) and how one can create them so that they are actually useful in step II when transforming them.

Mark Duller

The Gift To Be Simple by Virgil

This is an extraordinarily helpful book for those who feel stuck in the early steps of Franz Bardon’s system of magical training, ‘Initiation Into Hermetics’ (IIH). Virgil explains clearly some of the most common reasons for a lack of progress and supplies simple but powerful directives for what actually facilitates advancement. The approach is simple and focused but effective, just because it corresponds to the way things really are. Short chapters make it easy to read, contemplate and act on each main point, and repeated coverage of the same points in multiple chapters is conducive to emblazoning them in the mind. This book is not a one-time read through but something to read daily for inspiration on an ongoing basis. Those practicing other systems will find sage advice in these pages even with the Bardon system focus. If those starting out in IIH were to have one book in addition to IIH then it should be this one.